MIT ESM Challenge: Progress Update

After three weeks of solid study, I have completed the first two subjects of the MIT Energy Studies Minor. Check out the dedicated project page for more information, including all assessment pieces.

In three weeks, despite completing 150hrs+ of study, 13 problem sets, 3 exams and a 25 page essay on climate change science, I have been attending regular salsa classes and building on my conversational Spanish. The El Poblado area of Medellin has an unwavering energy that is very motivating, which facilitates focussed study in conjunction with an abundance of social opportunities. Needless to say, the experience thus far has been immensely enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to the next nine weeks.

12.34, ‘Global Warming Science’ provided an objective introduction to the current leading science regarding global warming. I highly enourage those who have never given the topic due dilligence to read my term paper, which is a fact-based, objective scrutiny of climate change science, history and policy, from the perspective of a previous skeptic. After immersing myself in this content, I am very convinced that irreversible anthropogenic caused climate change has already occurred, and our current habits must change immediately to avoid significant consequences.

22.081J, ‘Introduction to Sustainable Energy’ provided a rounded assessment of the entire energy lifecycle, from mineral extraction, through generation, distribution and transmission, to operation, maintenance and decommissioning. Making sustainable decisions in the context of energy means meeting the needs of the current generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

These two subjects summarised the problem at hand, and the landscape of potential solutions.

Tomorrow, I take a deep dive into Electromagnetic Energy; Motors to Solar Cells. Not being a current strong area due to my past study and experience, I am excited to extract as much knowledge from the field as possible.