MIT Energy Studies Minor Challenge

I am currently studying the entire MIT Energy Studies Minor, which I commenced whilst living in Medellin, Colombia. I am studying remotely via self education, using freely offered course content via the MIT Open Course Ware portal.

The minor provides a toolset for arriving at sustainable, reliable, safe and economically viable energy solutions, in the context of growing global energy demand, finite fossil fuel resources, and anthropogenic climate change.

I firmly believe this represents one of the greatest challenges of our generation. If it is a problem that I am aware of and can contribute towards solving, what reason do I have for not doing this?

I am attempting to complete the 1 year curriculum, including all assessment, in 12 weeks of study time.

For more details about the challenge and my progress, check out the links below;

MIT ESM Challenge Description

MIT ESM Challenge Progress

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  1. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. Thank you for documenting not just your process but your underlying logic. I will be following the journey every step of the way. Well done my friend!

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  2. Shannon… Really great to learn this. Just to share I am also doing this from OCW and NPTEL. This is a wonderful way of learning. All the best on your pursuit.

    Cheers Mate…!

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      Kunal – no problems, glad to find someone else utlising the amazing wealth of free information on the internet. Let me know if you want to share progress at a deeper level. I encourage you to assign some stakes to the learning process, whether it’s a reward/penalty. I prefer reputation, as it can be positive or negative depending on the outcome. Good luck mate!

  3. Grant- never have I met a person so driven in so many aspects of their life. Your thirst for knowledge is inspiring, your quest for a greater understanding of life is eye opening and your drive for continual improvement in so many different areas of your life is one to be proud of. Energy flows where attention goes…I am excited to see what you and your amazing energy can achieve. Keep being you

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      Thanks for your support Petrina!
      I appreciate your generosity and sincerity – two qualities rarely openly communicated in today’s digital age.

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