Hi, I’m Grant.

Welcome to my first experience in attempting to distil and communicate my thoughts, ideas and experiences into a digestible and accessible format. I have an insatiable hunger for success, a wide array of interests and a continual unease with the status quo.

I generally spend my woken hours;

– Consuming inordinate amounts of coffee

– Calming my mind so I can focus on being engaged in one pursuit at a time

– Developing and implementing personal tools to maximise output

– Applying a combination of experiential and theoretical knowledge to solving problems in the energy space

– Maintaining peak physical health and condition, through resistance training, intermittent fasting, and nutrition

– Kitesurfing, and attempting to find a balance between learning new tricks and limiting irreversible physical damage

– Acquiring Latin American Spanish

– Playing guitar, and developing my improvisational ability

– Empathically engaging with human beings (in real life!), and having difficult conversations

– Continually adjusting the lens through which I see the world by altering personal values, priorities and relationships

– Managing my own finances and methodically allocating capital across a range of investment vehicles

Enough preamble. What’s actually in this blog?

This is a hybrid blog/informational content space which combines personal knowledge with ongoing life experiences to apply the following two questions towards intellectual, spiritual, physical and social pursuits;

  1. What is the best thing I could be doing right now with my time
  2. How exactly should I go about doing the thing I selected above

I hope to demonstrate how I manage to maintain progress across all of these varied fields, applying the minimum effort required to achieve the maximum results, by selectively and very deliberately prioritising and planning the right things to do at the right times.

If you want to read more about why I anchor my personal philosophy from the above two questions, check out the ‘Site Philosophy’ page.

You can find out more about my professional and private endeavours by checking out my Linkedin and Instagram profiles. I am also reachable through grantshannonmail@gmail.com.